The exhibition "Their Time Has Come"

The exhibition "Their Time Has Come" is based on a well-known French fairy tale about the Bluebeard – an evil husband who killed his wives. Probably everyone knows the story thanks to Charles Perrault but in fact it is based on real life events. The prototype of the Bluebeard was Baron Gilles de Rais, who was accused of numerous murders and has been executed. The nickname Bluebeard has become a household name and is referred to the men who, in one way or another, get rid of their wives or indefatigably enslave them. The most famous male who rightly deserved this nickname is the English King Henry VIII (1491-1547). The central portrait of the project is dedicated to him and presents his personification in the modern world based on the famous portrait of the king by Hans Holbein the Younger. Reincarnation in the present. What would he be like today? The modern interpretation of Bluebeard’s image ideally unites the following features: autocratic, cruel and more than immodest in his sexual cravings, which make perception of his personality even sharper. What would his wives be like today? I tried to depict completely different women, who are conditionally enslaved not only physically, but also morally: suppression of a woman's personality by a strong and powerful man as well as by fear of public opinion, dependence, fear, weakness, etc. This is a topic that needs reflection. As it happens in life - many women do not even realize that they are under pressure; some feel it partially and smile at life, the desire to be happy. This is all so natural… They smile at us, the society ... and hide their pain from the public view. Some of them are able to smile from the bottom of their hearts; the others just wear a smile as a mask… What is it that supports women's freedom? Illusions, society which is not willing to learn about the problem and resists it; personal, human weakness and inability to take a step towards the change; failure to fight for oneself and find a key to happiness; wearing of rose-colored glasses that hide reality; sexual and material dependence and much more. “Their Time Has Come” is a slogan which gives us hope for freedom and happiness of women all over the world.